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Global Yacht Rentals (GYR) is a boutique cruise aggregation and distribution systems provider.
GYR established in 2016, to provide the world of travel with the best tools to find & book boutique cruises around the globe.

About Us

Why GYR?

Business Friendly

Offering three different Plans, so you can decide which one will benefit your business the most.

Super-Fast Setup

All of our plans are up and running in minutes.

All-The-Way Support

If needed, our experts will guide you all the way for great results.


Great commissions- up to 25% for a booking

Amazing Inventory

With more than 9,000 Boutique Cruises in over 55 Countries around the globe, your consumers will find what they are looking for.

Multi Product Options

Offering different types of Boutique Cruises- full vessels, cabin charters, 5 stars flotillas and bareboats.

GYR's vision

GYR your business up with our top quality data

GYR's vision is to gather and merge all aspects of boutique cruises for the benefit of consumers. We offer a wide variety of unique products: sailing vacations on small & medium-sized vessels, in various destinations, with or without a professional crew, at a wide range of prices. Our database, a breakthrough for sea-travel lovers, contains many options around the world for sailing holidays from a private cabin for a couple or a whole vessel for a family or friends.

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  • Link Implantation
  • No Monthly Fee
  • High Commission
  • Online Tech Support
  • Use Referral Links
  • Fast & Easy


  • IFrame Implantation
  • No Monthly Fee
  • High Commission
  • Online Tech Support
  • Fast & Easy
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  • Form Implantation
  • No Monthly Fee
  • High Commission
  • Free B2C Support
  • Make It Your Own Design
  • Premium Features

Winner Of


Providing a variety of Boutique Cruises Product Types

Choose which product you would like to advertise, or maybe choose them all!
Cabin Charter, Full Vessel, Bareboat or 5 Stars Flotilla. Have it your way!

Cabin Charter

Want to offer your clients a boutique cruise - but your clients travel solo, or as a couple? The dream of a boutique sailing vacation is not only for the big groups! Thanks to the relatively new possibility of a Cabin Charter, you can now offer your clients a boutique cruise to individuals and couples.

Full Vessel Charter

Offer your clients a whole Vessel/private Boutique Cruise, where everything can be personalized. Unlike Cabin Charter holidays or cruises on cruise liners, where most details are predetermined, a private Full Vessel Charter lets you customize every aspect of the cruise - itinerary, menu and activities.

5 Stars Flotilla & Bareboat

Offer your Skipper or Sailing Enthusiast clients an amazing Bareboat option. They can take friends or family to marvelous sailing experience in Greece, Croatia or even the Caribbean! On the 5-Stars-Flotilla, they can enjoy the benefits of sailing a Bareboat with the luxury of a Boutique Cruises - delicious food, no cleaning and so much more!

High-end commissions


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