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At Global Yacht Rentals, we offer a wide variety of unique products: sailing vacations on small & medium-sized vessels, in various destinations, with or without a professional crew.  Our database, a breakthrough for sea-travel lovers, contains many options around the world for sailing holidays from a private cabin for a couple or a whole vessel for a family or friends.

You have three options for using our amazing Database in order to earn money by selling Boutique Cruises. You may choose to use API, SDK or Affiliate, here is some info for you to understand the differences.


Is short for “Application Programming Interface”. An API is an interface. API is used when programming an application to interface with a different and separate platform or application.

Communication between the external platform and the “home base” of the program will be through the API. The API designed to fit the development platform and language that the other end-developer wishes to use.

Basically, with Global Yacht Rentals, your website as a boutique cruises provider will have a direct access to our database. This way, you will have the ability to implement our data with your specific design perfectly.




Is short for “Software Development Kit”. It is actually a pre-written package of code that other end website owners can use. This way, the amount of unique code that needs to be developed uniquely is minimized. SDKs will help to prevent unnecessary time waste of development time and effort.

Basically, when you use an SDK to connect with Global Yacht Rentals database of boutique cruises all around the world, you will get a boxed code and files to easily implement in your website.  Your client will have access to our Cabin charters, Full vessels, Bareboat, and 5 stars flotillas. This will help you start selling with no time at all.




Affiliate programs, also called associate programs, are basically an arrangement between an online merchant website other Web sites to pay a commission for sending clients. The affiliate Web sites post links to the main merchant website and are paid commission according to their agreement.

The agreement is usually based on the number of people they send who buy the product referred to or perform some other action.

Affiliating with Global Yacht Rentals is straightforward. Once agreed on the arrangement is made between GYR and the affiliate website, all is left to do is to pick the boutique cruise you wish to promote and post a link for it. You could choose to promote Cabin charters, Full vessels, Bareboat or 5 stars flotillas or ALL of them. Once a purchase is made, the commission will be sent to you.


All is left for you to do, is just to pick your way to earn money with selling Boutique Cruises.

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