Global Yacht Charter – Cabin Charter

If your consumers want to go on a cruise, but only for them and their partner? Or your immediate family? Or just a few of their friends? There are many options – but it comes down to – your dreaming of a sailing vacation but your group is too small for a full vessel or you do not have a sailing license? Well – we have some great news for you: thanks to the relatively new option of a cabin charter vacation you do not have to organize a full group of people to sail and charter with you a whole yacht.
Take your loved one, book a cabin and just enjoy your boutique sailing experience on a cabin charter!

Sailing Vacations – Not For Groups Only!

Cabin charter is by far the perfect way for solo travelers, couples, and even small groups to join a scheduled boutique cruise and enjoy a sailing adventure in one of the many destinations offered in GYR (Global Yacht Rentals).
Help your consumers discover the world on a boutique cruise!

When you book a Full Vessel charter, you will know all the people on board. With Cabin Charter, or on the other end, like in our 5 Stars Flotilla, gives you the opportunity to meet fellow travelers from different countries from around the world be assured you will win some new sailing-friends!

Public areas are for everyone to enjoy!

On the Boutique Cruise, you are not going to lack privacy! Spacious public areas on the decks are built for resting, reading, talking, sunbathing and of course enjoying the landscapes!


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